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Employer Led Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship

Engineering Apprenticeship, what does it mean to you?

Engineering offers the opportunity of a secure career in a range of different industries, and one of the most interesting ways of becoming a successful engineer is to train through a Engineering Apprenticeship Programme.

What can TTE offer?

The TTE Engineering Apprenticeship Programme is a sponsored three and a half year work-based training programme where you gain practical experience both at the Training Centre and on-site with your ‘Sponsor Company.’ During this time you can also study for nationally-recognised qualifications.

TTE offer two years of broad-based or core training (Engineering) that progresses in year 2 or 3 to a specific engineering discipline of either:

The Engineering Apprenticeship programme is a specially designed three-phase training programme incorporating Whole Personal Development where you will spend two weeks at Brathay, our outdoor pursuits provider in the Lake District. This Engineering Apprenticeship Programme enables you to work, think and operate effectively in the workplace and provides the Sponsor Companies with motivated young people to ensure the future success of their businesses.

During your Engineering Apprenticeship you will be based at the Training Centre in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.35 p.m. You will complete four days of practical skills training together with one day and one evening’s academic study during the first two years, together with on-site visits to your Sponsor. In the third year you will be based on-site at your ‘Sponsor Company.’ During your years based at TTE we will also provide you with protective clothing, this can include overalls, boots and safety spectacles.

During the first two years you will receive a monthly bursary and in the last eighteen months you will receive a monthly salary plus paid holiday. Transport can also be provided (depending on location).


You will complete the following nationally recognised qualifications:

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Process Engineering Maintenance (QCF) or Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Processing Industries Operations (QCF) or Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Downstream Field Operations (QCF)

Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Operations and Maintenance Engineering (QCF), covering:

RoSPA Health & Safety Basic Certificate

Training Phases

PHASE 1 – 12 months
Based at the Training Centre, broad-based (Multi-Skilling) in:

During Phase 1 you will study for the BTEC Level 3 Diploma (QCF) one day and one evening per week. You will also spend one week at Brathay on the Whole Personal Development Course.

PHASE 2 – 12 Months
Based at the Training Centre including six weeks of site visits to your Sponsor Company broad-based (Multi-Skilling or Streamed) in:

During Phase 2 you will complete the BTEC Level 3 Diploma (QCF). You will also spend one week at Brathay on the Whole Personal Development Course.

PHASE 3 – 18 months
Based at your Sponsor Company site to gain specific competencies in either:

During Phase 3 you will complete your NVQ Level 3 Diploma (QCF).



Applications are now closed

Please check our website from November 2020 for applications to open for our 2021 intake.