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Welcome to TTE Training Limited where we provide up to date and comprehensive information, advice and guidance on a wealth of education and employment opportunities for school leavers and adult learners. Our staff are dedicated to providing a first-rate and confidential facility to all clients and learners offering impartial information, advice and guidance. We work in close partnership with a number of key feeder schools and local industry, not only to produce tomorrow’s engineers but also to develop, guide and map out the pathway of the region’s learners and thus aid in their future success and development.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of Apprenticeships, NVQ’s and vocational training to employers and employees of local industry and business. Our staff will speak to you in confidence, treating you equally, offering you impartial information, advice and guidance at all times.
We will treat all personal information about you in the strictest confidence and are registered under the Data Protection Act.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We actively work to ensure that all clients and learners are given equal access to our service. We approach individuals, schools, business etc. without prejudice or agenda. TTE recruitment closely monitor their activity to ensure ethnicity, gender, age and disability are managed in an equal and fair manner.

What you can expect from us

Qualified and experienced staff who will interview, plan, deliver and assess you in a professional manner, capable of giving you relevant information, advice and guidance allowing you the opportunity of experiencing the following;

We will also:

What we expect of you

The Limitations of our Service

TTE Training Limited are experienced and equipped to offer information, advice and guidance on the courses and related services we offer. We hold some information on other local providers and can refer you to alternative appropriate providers, information services or agencies if we are unable to meet your needs.

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