TTE Training Limited is a training provider set up by industry for industry

TTE was established in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire in 1990 by Ineos ChlorVinyls (formerly ICI), Innospec (formerly Associated Octel) and Shell UK (Stanlow) to provide training not only for their own companies but other multi-national companies in the chemical, petrochemical, process, power, paper, pharmaceutical, nuclear and oil and gas industries throughout the North West.

TTE has grown to become one of the North West’s leading providers of sponsored Advanced Apprenticeships Level 3 in Engineering and Laboratory Operations and Engineering Apprenticeship Level 2 programmes with Whole Person Development incorporated into the training.

In 2001, TTE invested £1.8 million in a purpose-built Training Centre to provide the manufacturing industry with the finest young people trained to the highest standards.

How Do We Compare?

In July 2017 TTE received a Grade 1 ‘Outstanding’ following OfSTED inspection. The inspectors wrote:

“Apprentices make outstanding progress on their programme and almost all achieve their qualification by their planned end date. Apprentices develop very relevant skills that their employers value greatly. The skills that they acquire at TTE are reinforced through very effective training and assessment on employers’ premises. For example, third-year apprentices isolate, repair and then service industrial pumps at an oil refinery under the strict supervision of their on-site assessor, meeting precise regulatory and industrial standards successfully.”

In May 2023 OfSTED again confirmed TTE as an ‘Outstanding’ apprenticeship provider and wrote:

“Apprentices and learners are highly motivated to achieve and are committed to their studies. They demonstrate exceptionally positive attitudes to their learning and attend well. Apprentices and learners are proud to attend TTE.

Leaders place a very high priority on the safeguarding and well-being of their learners and apprentices. They are relentless in their pursuit of safe working practices and instil a culture of health and safety and safeguarding at all levels.”

For the past 23 years TTE has maintained a British Safety Council 5 star graded Health and Safety Management System and also won the British Safety Council International Safety Award for 23 consecutive years.  TTE have also won 9 RoSPA Sector Awards for Training and Education Services and been highly commended in sector an additional 4 times.

All TTE Training Officers have extensive industrial experience gained from sector related process manufacturing companies. The Training Officers will train you with their ‘real life’ experiences, knowledge and expertise of what it is actually like to work on an operating plant.

TTE has college status and the academic qualifications are completed at the Training Centre in conjunction with the practical skills training.

TTE’s complaints procedure (General):

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TTE’s complaints policy and procedure (Apprenticeships):

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TTE’s Subcontractor details for 2017/18 to 2021/22:

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TTE’s remote education offer:

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TTE’s subcontracting policy


In the vast majority of cases TTE delivers all elements of its funded training in-house. In a very few instances, TTE sources elements of specialist training from external providers who complement TTE’s existing provision and offer quality driven, industry-recognised training to support learners and employers.

Quality assurance

TTE operates a robust subcontracting agreement and due diligence process. This ensures that any subcontractors are selected through demonstrable evidence that they deliver quality teaching and learning and are managed through a process of regular performance monitoring. TTE also has an effective subcontractor performance management processes in place, which include regular performance updates, site visits and standardisation events.

Management fees

Any fees charged by TTE will be negotiated with the individual subcontractor and will depend upon a number of factors, including the level of support required from TTE.


Payments are made by BACS based on charges negotiated with the subcontractor and on production of an appropriate invoice.


This policy is reviewed annually against the key performance indicators.


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