TTE Training Limited was created by local Petrochemical, Chemical and associated industries to provide training and progression for their Engineering Technicians. In collaboration with these and other industries TTE has created a training programme framework to include General Engineering skills training, BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering along with personal development and employability skills.
To support this TTE has classrooms, skill specific workshops and real life DCS controlled process rig fitted with a fully functioning shutdown system, pumps, heat exchangers etc.

The General Engineering Higher National programme delivered within the TTE Training Ltd College will highlight content relevance to learners, their employers and their specific industry. There will be an emphasis on personal development, in particular self reliance (meeting personal targets), project management and team working, with the aim of producing students that are equipped with the transferable, personal and professional skills that meet the demands of our partner industries.


Entry profile for learners recently in education is likely to include one of the following:


The Higher National programme delivered by TTE Training Ltd is designed to satisfy the following aims:


The TTE Training Ltd Level 4 learning outcomes, based on QAA benchmark statement, have been set to provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding, skills, personal qualities an attributes in the following:

Knowledge and Understanding

Learners should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of:

Intellectual Abilities

Students will develop the ability to apply appropriate quantitative science and engineering tools to the analysis of problems. They will be able to demonstrate creative and innovative ability in the synthesis of solutions and in formulating designs. Students will also acquire the ability to comprehend the broad picture and thus work to an appropriate level of detail.

General Transferrable Skills

Students will have the opportunity to develop their communication, problem solving and team working skills as well as the effective use of ICT and information retrieval systems.

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