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electrical appreciation

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance 1 (3 Phase Motor Testing and Replacement)

Aim: Mechanical/Instrumentation etc engineers to test and replace motors locally isolated.

Objectives: to demonstrate understanding and skill in;

  1. Electrical awareness and safety (see course flyer for details)
  2. Have sufficient technical knowledge to avoid danger at all times
  3. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (see EAW 1 day course flyer for details)
  4. Electrical isolation procedures, local isolation (see course flyer for details)
  5. Three phase motor theory
  6. Have sufficient knowledge and practice in disconnecting and re-connecting SWA cables to enable replacement of 3 phase motors
  7. Be able to select, check, set and operate test equipment in order to test motors and basic control equipment
  8. Know the limits of the task, and how to deal with situations outside their specified authorised task
  9. Know what to do in an emergency

Practical activities:

  1. Safe Isolation procedures from local isolation
  2. Testing motors for balance, insulation resistance and earth continuity
  3. Disconnection and re-connection of SWA and SY glanded cables


  1. A 20 question written test
  2. Practical assessment of isolation procedures
  3. Practical assessment of wiring technique
  4. Practical assessment of testing technique

Duration: Four days

Maximum number of delegates: 8

Cost:£750 + VAT per person

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