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Engineering Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a training programme based upon learning the skills required for a job, whilst training towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Engineering apprenticeships are available to new and existing employees, normally with funding available for the business who is training the apprentice. It can take between one and four years to complete the course depending on previous knowledge and experience.

An apprenticeship will consist of the following components:

TTE is a training provider. This means we are able to work with you to help decide if an apprenticeship is the right path to take, both from the point of view of the business and the apprentice. We will explain the way apprenticeships will work in your instance, if funding is available, and agree a training plan with your apprentice. TTE can also assist with the recruitment of an apprentice, or help transition current staff into starting an apprenticeships. Will will ensure that national quality standards are met and that the training delivered is integrated correctly with the work being performed.

Engineering Apprenticeships

These focus on training towards a job in two main areas, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It is important that you understand the skills required and career paths in both areas, to enable you to make an informed decision on which avenue you wish to pursue.

More information on a career in engineering can be found here.

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