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Start as an engineering apprentice and build a successful career

Engineers are always in demand across a variety of industries, engineering is one of the most popular sectors for school leavers. Taking an apprenticeship in engineering is one way to get into the sector and there are many reasons for school leavers to consider this option.

Reasons to choose an engineering apprenticeship

One of the main reasons school leavers are jumping at engineering apprenticeship opportunities is that they can earn while they are learning and gain valuable qualifications throughout the training period.

There are hundreds of different types of engineering apprenticeships available in the UK. These can range from electrical or mechanical engineering to working as an engineering with the process and manufacturing sector. The energy, IT and telecommunications sectors always need engineers and these roles can help build technological skills. Other industries requiring engineers include the marine sector which gives opportunities to work on boats or submarines, and the construction sector, which requires engineers for the creation of buildings. The aerospace, vehicles and transportation sector is also in constant need of qualified engineers.

Working as an engineering apprentice gives valuable “on the job” experience and allows apprentices to establish working relationships with some of the top employers in their locality. Engineering apprentices will often have opportunities to work in a number of different areas of business, so they can discover exactly where their strengths are.

Many senior company directors and managing directors started off as apprentices, and are very positive about the benefits of organisational apprenticeship schemes. This means it is quite possible for apprentices to rise up the corporate ladder into senior positions.

Women in engineering

Girls are positively encouraged to take up engineering apprenticeships as the UK Government wants to increase the number of women in this traditionally male-dominated environment. Pippa Dressler-Pearson is one woman who has successfully entered the world of engineering via an apprenticeship. She won the Apprentice of the Year Award at Southco Ltd for 2016 and is a design engineer, working on a variety of design and management projects for clients.

TTE specialise in engineering apprenticeships across the North West of England. Contact us if you would like to find out more about this rewarding and satisfying career.




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