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Although we have a well deserved reputation for engineering apprenticeships. These are not the only opportunities we have available. There are a range of opportunities here at TTE. Read on to find out which one could be right for you.

Adult Training

What is Adult Training?

Adult training is the process by which those already in employment either up-skill or cross skill. This would be in order to further their career, or fill a knowledge gap in a company they are currently working for.

How Will it Benefit You?

The main benefit of adult training for the learner is an increase in employability. Widening your skills makes you a more attractive proposition for employers. Giving you the opportunity to move up the career ladder, and into a role with more responsibility. And potentially a greater salary.

An employer can take advantage of adult training to fill any skill deficits you may have. At times it can be difficult to find a candidate to take up a role. You may however have an internal candidate who could do the job, but does not have the necessary accreditation. Here you have the opportunity to send the employee on an adult training course. Helping to create the highly skilled workforce your business requires.

What do we Offer?

At TTE we offer a range of adult training courses which could benefit learners and employees across a number of industries.

We specialise in providing training courses in health and safety, engineering skills, and leadership and management. Accredited by main industry bodies such as CompEx and IOSH. Some of our most popular courses include; CompEx electrical, IOSH Managing safely, and abrasive wheels.

For more information on adult training, call our commercial team on 0151 357 6100.

Workplace Learning

What is Workplace Learning?

Workplace learning ensures employees are turning up to do their jobs with the skills they need to perform the job to the best of their ability. It is thought 1.3 million people go to work without the necessary skills to do their jobs correctly. Taking advantage of workplace learning means your business won’t fall into this trap.

How Will it Benefit You?

As with adult training, workplace learning can be utilised to make you more employable. The increased skills you will acquire open the door to more responsibility, higher pay and greater job security.

As an employer there are many benefits to workplace learning. You should see it as an investment in your business, and a way of securing long term success.

Ensuring all your employees are correctly trained for their role will improve efficiency, and profits as a result. It will also help with staff morale and retention. Your staff will be more motivated to work and confident in their ability if they feel you are actively investing in them and their future.

Workplace learning also helps reduce recruitment costs as well. As we mentioned workplace learning helps to retain staff, meaning you don’t have to pay to recruit new ones. But on top of this, it allows you use existing staff to fill vacancies.

A problem across almost all industries is that jobs go unfilled because companies cannot find a suitable candidate for them. Workplace learning allows you to fill these jobs from within your company.

You can take someone who is a great fit in your organisation and develop them into the employee you need. Workplace learning allows you to give them the skills and accreditations they need to move on to their next role.

If your struggling to fill a vacancy in your business. Contact TTE today to discuss the possibility of increasing the skills in your employees though workplace learning.

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