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Personal development is integral to all TTE’s programme. As part of the process the learner will undertake off-site residential experiences. The TTE Advanced Modern Apprentice Personal Development Journey, consists of 3 parts, with each part preparing the Apprentice for what lies ahead into the next phase of training. Phase 1 & 2 events are embedded into TTE’s training programme, Phase 3 is Optional. We firmly believe that personal development promotes long term employability and its benefits are long lasting.

PHASE 1 – Learning about Myself

This event, forms part of the induction to TTE, and is designed for the newly recruited Young Learner, to look at themselves, and see what they bring into the organisation. Using the medium of working with others, the young person  can see their strengths and weaknesses, from their own experiences and through the eyes of others. Experiences include: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Working Safely, Being Supportive, Contributing ideas, Personal/ Business Values and behaviour, and challenging personal fears.

PHASE 2 – Effective Team Working

This event occurs shortly before the end of Phase2, and is designed to prepare the Apprentice for moving into Phase 3, leaving the comfort of the training environment, and preparing  for working on site. The event looks at what makes an Effective Team, and how the Apprentice can be effective in the team.  The Apprentice will experience how their performance, values and behaviour impacts on other team members. Experiences include: Teamwork, Planning, decision making, effective communication, setting targets and meeting deadlines, Problem Solving, Taking the lead.

PHASE 3 – Adding Value to my Employer

This event occurs mid way through Phase 3, and is designed to prepare the Mature Apprentice for ‘life after Training’. In this event, the Apprentice will be presented with challenging situations, that demand paying attention to detail. Teamwork, Problem Solving, Self Management, are a major part of this event. In this event the Apprentice will experience ‘working under pressure’, and the requirement to ‘self motivate’. Apprentices can experience Leadership,  and may need to challenge the behaviour of others, and give feedback. The Apprentice will certainly see the importance of good organisation, and an effective plan to meet deadlines. In this event, Success / Value is a reward to those who reflect strong business values and ‘Raise their Game’ accordingly.

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