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5 Industries where Engineering is more Important than Ever Before

If you are still weighing up your career options, and you’re not sure exactly what is the best path for you, it can be difficult to decide on your chosen profession. But for those who want to keep their options open, engineering might just be their next best step – and an engineering apprenticeship can offer you more than multiple career paths; it provides you with a stable future, too.

Here are just five careers that women in engineering can leap into, where experience and technical training is more valuable than ever before:

1. Production

When you think of factories and production facilities, you might think of people working away on conveyor belts, putting together items or packing them ready for transport. But in today’s modern world, many of the tasks previously relegated to people is now achieved through automation; with robotics and machinery doing all the hard work for you. Of course, those machines will need someone to repair them, maintain them and even update them – and an engineer is just right for that job.

Whether you’re interested in robotics, you enjoy getting messy with machinery, or you simply enjoy making things run like clockwork, working in production is an excellent way to utilise an engineering apprenticeship to the max.

2. Education

Engineering isn’t always about working with heavy machinery and complicated circuitry; in fact, when it comes to Education, there’s never been a higher level of technology in the classroom. Whether you’re working to develop now education-related services or even working within schools to install and maintain facilities such as virtual classrooms, computer suites and more, engineering is incredibly valuable in the schools and colleges sector.

Whether you prefer to be hands-on in the classroom or take a step back and work for a local council or even private education company, engineering is a must to ensure that students can learn and teachers can teach to the best of their ability.

3. Retail

Another area that’s more tech-heavy than ever before, retail has fully embraced the digital age with anything from self-scanning machines in supermarkets to the robotic sorting warehouses run by online retail giants. When it comes to keeping that technology running smoothly, ironing out any bugs and ensuring the job is getting done, an engineer can do it all and more.

Whether it’s working on special software to create more efficient sales methods or the more physical jobs of installing new technologies, there are countless uses for an engineering qualification in retail.

4. Development

It’s not all about pencil and paper and creative ideas when it comes to developing new products – in fact, it’s a must to have someone technically-minded on a development team, ensuring that a product not only looks good but also does what its supposed to. From 3D printing to CAD software, engineering isn’t always about working on existing products; it can be about inventing new ones, too.

If you want to be on the forefront of technology, then training to be an engineer is an excellent place to start, offering you a window into entirely new fields and providing you with exciting work for decades to come.

5. Healthcare

From surgical operations to sanitation systems, hospitals and healthcare are advancing at a rapid rate when it comes to technology; and with life-saving technologies and machines being invented, installed and maintained every day, an engineering qualification is an ideal way to jump into the field of medical machinery.

From sanitation machines to life-sustaining technologies, surgical robots to alarm systems, there are millions of pounds worth of tech in the average hospital – all of which requires an engineer to continue to save lives. Are you up to the job?

Whatever industry interests you, an engineering apprenticeship is the perfect place to start, with valuable, transferable skills and knowledge that will open doors for you for years to come. If you’re considering becoming one of the growing numbers of female engineers in the UK, contact us today. We’ll help you get started, and work with you to find your true passion for technology.

Photo: 2014 Scholar Awards: UC Davis Engineering by UC Davis College of Engineering licensed under Creative commons 2
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