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3 engineering jobs with a bright future

With automation threatening to kill off whole sectors of traditional work, and many industries cutting back amid uncertain futures, it can be tough to decide just how future-proof your chosen career really is. Fortunately, a career in engineering offers unlimited possibilities if you’re an apprentice, training to be an engineer or just considering your options. Here are three of the most exciting engineering fields that will be growing for years to come.

Environmental engineering

With UN, EU and UK environmental targets becoming more and more stringent to help eliminate climate change, it falls to engineers to come up with clever ways of designing and building the next generation of structures, power generation, vehicles and infrastructure to be as green as possible. Engineers who specialise in green projects from wind turbines to tidal barrages, waste-to-energy plants to biodigesters, will be in demand for decades to come.

Aerospace engineering

Our small world is getting smaller, with more and more countries around the world developing markets for large numbers of aircraft for a diverse range of purposes: from commercial airliners to private helicopters, to military and cargo aircraft. It’s estimated that the period between 2013 and 2031 will see a demand for 67,000 new aircraft, driven by emerging markets in the Gulf and China – and that industry will require a huge number of talented young engineers to keep it up to speed. Apprentices with a mechanical engineering focus and a penchant for innovation and creativity should take note!

Biomedical engineering

The world’s population is still growing, but it’s also ageing, with record numbers of over-65s in the population – especially in the western world. At the same time, advances in miniaturisation and new materials such as graphene are allowing scientists to produce ever smaller and more sophisticated medical devices to help the human body as it grows older. As a biomedical engineer, you would help design the next generation of artificial joints, organ augmentation and replacements in a market that is steadily growing as our need increases. Apprentices with a flair for the biological can combine their passion for engineering with a chance to help change lives through medical advances.

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