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Would a career in engineering suit me?

With the UK government pushing for more women in engineering to help with the shortfall in qualified engineers, there is increasing interest in the field. As a company that offers engineering apprenticeships, we regularly encounter young women who are keen to seek out a career within the sector. To help you decide whether you’d like to start training to be an engineer, we’ve laid out some key attributes and skills you may already have which would be beneficial to you should you follow an engineering career path.

Good maths

Although you won’t be required to be a genius when it comes to numbers, making calculations is usually part of the day to day life of an engineer. It will also play a large role when it comes to your qualifications, whether you embark on a full time engineering degree, or you decide to combine an engineering apprenticeship with study.

Strong interest in the physical world

Do you find yourself asking questions about how satellites got into space, or how buildings manage to stay upright? Do you regularly think about how gadgets such as smartphones actually work? If you have a natural interest in the physical world and enjoy studying physics, you may already have the motivation required to become an engineer.

Problem solving

An engineer will always find themselves solving a problem. So if you enjoy troubleshooting issues, possibly technological ones, then you may have a natural aptitude to help you with what an engineer faces most days.

Excellent communication skills

Although you will see communication skills listed as a desired skill on most job adverts, with engineers it’s absolutely essential. It’s worth bearing in mind that very few engineers work on their own, so that means you’ll need to interact with them as well as other colleagues to get the job done. You may also find that you will need to talk to suppliers and clients regularly. So, do you have experience of working well in a team? Can you communicate your thoughts clearly both verbally and in writing? If so then engineering could well be for you.

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