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Why engineering is an empowering career choice

Despite living in what could be considered the most advanced time in human history, there is still a certain stigma surrounding a variety of different job roles – and engineering is one of those. Widely considered a male job, many intelligent and capable women miss out on joining a fascinating and exciting industry due to this perception. We want to smash that concept and show just how empowering, and rewarding being a female engineer can be.

Thousands of options

When people think engineer, they usually have a pre-conceived idea of what form of work it entails. In fact, engineering is an incredibly wide-reaching and diverse career choice, spanning anything from helping to design spaceships to developing new types of green energy, and anything in-between. When you choose engineering, you choose a career path that has thousands of different options that you can choose from and move between.

A workplace that’s never boring

Engineering entails a vast range of different job elements, from office-based work through to getting your hands dirty on-site. As such, every day is different and poses new challenges and ways to prove yourself in the industry, allowing you to choose your path and gain new accomplishments as you continue to develop new techniques, strategies and methods of working that will impact your chosen industry in significant ways.

Earn what you deliver

In comparison to many jobs, working in engineering can not only offer a fantastic career, but it can also provide the opportunity for significant pay in direct relation to your experience and qualifications. According to Reed.co.uk, the average salary of an Engineer is above £40k per year across a variety of industries, with those specialising in Chemical Engineering and Avionics earning far beyond that. Engineering is one of the only sectors where your essential work directly reflects your earnings, for both men and women.

If you’re considering choosing engineering for your next career step, or you’re curious about what the job entails, contact us at TTE Ltd today to discuss how we can put you on track towards a brighter future that’s sure to be challenging and rewarding every single day.

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