Breaking into an industry that is male-dominated, such as engineering, can be liberating yet a bit nerve-wracking at the same time. But, there is no need to fret! Here are some of the ways you can make it easier…

Make your voice heard

You should never assume that your boss is going to notice all of the effort and hard work that you do. Most men are very vocal about what they want from their career, so make sure you speak up too if you are to make sure your voice is heard.

Ask for more

You should never be scared to ask your boss for more from your engineering job. A lot of women feel intimidated about asking for a promotion or raise, but you shouldn’t. No matter your sex, the best thing you can do in this scenario is arm yourself with the statistics that will help you to demonstrate your worth to the business and why you deserve to move up the career ladder. Don’t be afraid to let your boss know what you feel you deserve and why. Make sure you are clear throughout. Irrespective of the outcome, your boss will respect you for your pitch.

Link up with other women in engineering

There is definitely power in numbers, and so it is a good idea to look for other women that are involved in engineering. You would be surprised by how many they are. Not only should you look around the community in your industry, but use online networks and social channels to your advantage too. Linking up with other females will lead to ongoing understanding, support and opportunities. Plus, you will make some great friends and acquaintances along the way as well.

Don’t let stereotypes get to you

Last but not least, you should never let stereotypes get to you. There are always going to be people that stereotype others in all walks of life. You should not take this personally or let it get to you. Just get on with your job and ignore it!

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