On 23 June 2014 people all over the country celebrated National Women in Engineering Day (NWED).

National Women in Engineering Day

National Women in Engineering Day has been created to honour the achievements of women in engineering and to bring to the forefront the fantastic opportunities out there for women today in this sector.

It has been organised by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) a professional, non-profit network of female engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development to celebrate their 95th anniversary.

The event aimed for companies, governmental organisations, schools, individual female engineers and other organisations on local and national levels to organise their own events and link them together through the use of the NWED logo, website www.nwed.org.uk, and supporting resources to create maximum impact for the event.

Here are just a few ideas of how individuals and organisations got involved in National Women in Engineering Day with more information and ideas available at www.nwed.org.uk and www.wes.org.uk

Company or organisations in the engineering sector:

Professional Engineering Institutions:

Individual Women Engineers:

Events and activities like these will hopefully encourage women to see the great opportunities available to them, encourage more girls to consider engineering as a career and to spread the word that engineering offers as many opportunities for women as men.

It has never been more important to encourage young women to consider a career in engineering. With a shortage of skills in engineering becoming ever more prevalent the UK needs to double the number of recruits into engineering to meet demand.

At this present time only 7% of the engineering workforce is female, with the UK having the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe.

By encouraging girls into engineering careers we will not only be increasing diversity and inclusion, which is imperative in business, but also enable us to fill the substantial future job opportunities that have been predicted in this sector.

For more information about National Women in Engineering Day, organising an event or on going events go to www.nwed.org.uk and make sure you keep WES informed of all your activities and events at www.wes.org.uk


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