If you are a student with an interest in architecture and you have an aptitude for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, maths), a career as an engineer could be something you may want to pursue.

How to become an engineer

Your career as an engineer begins with your exam choices at school. The core subjects that you will need to do well in are the STEM subjects. However, it would also be helpful if you include other subjects in your repertoire, including computing, geography, and design. Engineering is both an art and a science so you will need to have a flair for both in order to be successful. You should be prepared to continue your studies in these subjects up to ‘A’ level.

While you’re still at school, it’s a good idea to try to get a week’s work experience with a large firm of engineers. This will give you an opportunity to see just what the work entails and you could also make a few useful contacts for the future.

Additional qualifications and engineering apprenticeships

Having successfully completed your exams, you could choose to continue your studies and gain professional engineering qualifications through university. Alternatively, you may be able to get an apprenticeship with a firm that will sponsor you to continue your studies at night school or at home. This approach enables you to learn on-the-job whilst earning a living and accumulating plenty of valuable experience.

Details of companies that offer graduate positions and apprenticeships can often be found on their company websites, and adverts placed in industry publications are a good place to look too.

Your college or school careers adviser should be able to give you some useful local industry contacts. Keep an eye on your local press for announcements about trade exhibitions too; it’s often a good idea to go along to events like these, as you can make useful contacts at local firms who might have vacancies for apprentices or graduates.

Careers for engineers are available within the armed forces so it may be worth having a chat with a local army or navy recruitment officer to see what’s available.

At TTE Training, we provide quality training delivered by industry professionals to young people, those in employment and adult learners in the north west. For more information on what engineering apprenticeships and courses are available, why not contactone of our helpful team?

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