If you’re training to be an engineer or considering an engineering apprenticeship, there are many different types of engineering role that you could work towards. In this blog, we run through an A-Z of some of the most popular engineering disciplines. These are just as relevant for female engineers as they are for male and our apprenticeships here in the north west of England could help you take a step closer to working in one of these specialisms.

A-Z of engineering disciplines

Aerospace engineers design and test many different types of aircraft, spacecraft and even rockets. They also work on ground and sea transportation as well as military jets and helicopters.

Chemical engineers apply physical and life sciences together with maths and economics to produce and use chemicals such as plastics, paints and fuels. This work also involves protecting our environment and inventing clean technology.

Civil engineers work in the construction of buildings and infrastructure including roads, skyscrapers and bridges.

Electrical engineers study electricity and electrons and how they are applied on a vast array of different scales and on items that are leading the way in technology today. From roller coasters to power grids or smaller devices such as MP3 players and digital cameras, there is huge scope in the world of electrical engineering.

Mechanical engineers work with things that involve a mechanical process and this discipline cuts across many other areas of engineering as it applies to areas within science, manufacturing, technology and design. It is one of the oldest types of engineering.

Mining engineers study how to extract mineral deposits from the earth, as well as making sure that the extraction of materials is safe and trustworthy.

Nuclear engineering looks at the most positive ways to harness the power of the atom including for energy and water supply, food supply, and within the environment to reduce pollution, as well as in areas such as healthcare and transport.

Petroleum engineering involves finding oil and gas reserves. The work in this field could involve designing wells, storage tanks and transport systems.

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We hope this has given you a flavour of some of the most popular types of engineering career available to you once you finish your engineering apprenticeship. If you require any further information on any specific field of engineering or engineering training, contact us today.

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