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Why the engineering industry needs more women

As a country, we need to change the way that we view female engineers, and this includes how women perceive the engineering industry and to banish those gender stereotypes. The UK at present is facing a huge skill shortage in the engineering sector, and women can help to fill this gaping hole. They can help to boost the economy and aid productivity. Below we explore why the engineering industry needs more women.

Embrace creativity

Any industry needs a good mix of skills, gender and bright minds. This is true for the engineering world, no matter what discipline. Women will help to create new ideas and bring a fresh new way of looking at ideas and solutions. The engineering world thrives on constant reinvention and women need to be a part of this driving force.

Utilise the skill potential that women offer

We can no longer dismiss the potential that girls, and women, bring to the engineering industry. By employing the same number of women as men, the UK economy would benefit by as much as £2bn a year, which would in turn help to strengthen the UK’s infrastructure.

Career opportunities

Less than ten per cent of the engineering workforce is comprised of women. This really is a shocking statistic. The profile of women within the engineering industries needs to be embraced and recognised, encouraging more women to become engineers. There are so many career opportunities for women, just as there are for men. These include chemical, construction, rail and mechanical engineering. A great place to start is with an engineering apprenticeship scheme.

Why is there a shortage of female engineers?

There are many reasons for this, but one huge huge reason is the perception of female engineers in the media and press. At present, the role of female engineers is rarely emphasised. Another is the lack of female role models and the lack of choice for girls at school when it comes to choosing vocational courses. Therefore, the problem needs to be addressed from the grassroots upwards; but change is happening.

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