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UK industry and Government join forces to encourage women in STEM

The government of the UK and industry in the UK are joining forces to encourage women to train and work in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. For females with an interest in STEM careers this offers huge opportunities for development and career progression. Here we explore how women are being encouraged to take up engineering apprenticeships and take a greater role in the UK’s engineering development.

The shortage of female engineers

Nationally there is a shortage of engineers and this shortage is far greater for women in engineering. The percentage of women fulfilling engineering roles in the UK is just 11%, making the UK the nation with the lowest percentage of women in engineering in Europe. Since 2015, this problem has been a highlight of British politics with the 2010-2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government calling for increased support in helping women in engineering and promoting engineering training for women as early as pre-school.

Inspiring the next generation

Women in engineering has returned to the spotlight in 2018 with a Year of Engineering that is pushing to close the major engineering skills gap in the UK. The pioneering campaign looks to boost the number of young people and women in particular who are entering into engineering apprenticeships and degrees. There is a current shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates every year and this is damaging the growth of the industry.

How women can benefit

As the engineering workforce is 91% male and 94% white at the start of 2018, the government and industry are combining forces to recruit young people to train in engineering and benefit from support and funding initiatives as they do. The timing has never been better for women to begin training in engineering and the career prospects are very promising as companies will be incentivised to populate their workforce with women and a more diverse range of professionals. Engineering can be a very rewarding and inspiring career that allows you to have a real impact on the world around you. Join the wave of new female engineers who can truly make a difference in the industry.

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