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Ontario leads the way in celebrating women in STEM

February 11 saw the Ontario Science Centre celebrate the women and girls of Science, echnology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The event was sponsored by technology giants such as Cisco, Honda and Telus, and had speakers such as Keeley Aird, the co-founder of STEM Kids Rock and Emily Chung PhD, a prominent science and technology writer. So why is it so important that events like this happen?


Apart from the obvious answer, that science and engineering events are fun and informative, we can look to WES for a deeper explanation as to the importance of events like these. WES, or the Women’s Engineering Society, have a vision: “a nation in which women are as likely as men to choose to study and work in engineering” (from www.wes.org.uk). Events like the Ontario celebration of women and girls in STEM really help inspire and lift up aspiring female engineers, and highlight the possibilities and potential opportunities.


So what other events can you look out for in 2018, if Ontario is just a little too far to go? Check out INWED 2018. Another anachronym, INWED stands for International Women in Engineering Day and is a global spectacular of at least 150 events. It spans countries as diverse as Brazil, Uganda and Mauritius. The theme for 2018 is #RaisingTheBar, with a goal of encouraging governmental, educational and professional engineering institutions to arrange events in line with the day. The date is June 23, so look out for inspiring events celebrating and supporting women in engineering.


It’s great to see that events like the one in Ontario, and INWED, have some very big sponsors. Honda we already mentioned, and INWED is sponsored by industry heavyweights such as SSE, and Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport. It’s a clear sign that female engineers are really starting to be taken as seriously as their male counterparts, and that’s fantastic news for the engineering industry. If you want to train as an engineer or want more information on engineering apprenticeships, contact TTE today.

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